DreamQuest Holidays

Moves Beyond a Tour, Vacation or Retreat
A DreamQuest travel experience moves beyond a tour, vacation or retreat to create indelible lifetime memories for its guests. Requests deemed impossible for other travel companies to fulfill are flawlessly and almost magically arranged by DreamQuest.
Innovative Private Luxury Tours Since 2004
DreamQuest Holidays, LLC has been offering innovative private luxury tours since 2004. Guests may choose to be pampered by a world class travel butler service and accompanied by the most knowledgeable travel experts. Instead of merely observing a location’s culture, DreamQuest guests are often invited to participate in its customs, traditions and ceremonies. Being transported to another time and place is not an unusual phenomenon with DreamQuest.
Luxury, Custom, and Golfing Tours
In addition to luxury and custom tours, DreamQuest also offers access to China’s most magnificent golf courses, including the splendid Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club and Meishi Mayflower International Golf Club. If a vacation at sea is on the agenda, DreamQuest will arrange a luxurious cruise to exotic parts of call and glamorous destinations. DreamQuest also organizes private tours to Dubai, South Africa, and Russia.

The outstanding staff at DreamQuest offers expertise, fastidious attention to detail, and service from the heart.

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DreamQuest Holidays

A DreamQuest travel experience moves beyond a tour, vacation or retreat to […]