Prime Cellar (H.K.)

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Hong Kong's First California Wine Specialist
Prime Cellar is Hong Kong’s first and only California wine authority. Prime Cellar offers wine lovers the chance to sample the best wines from California. Featuring highly acclaimed premium selections that are often difficult to find in Hong Kong, Prime Cellar gives wine lovers the unique chance to sample only the best that California has to offer.
Eager to Share Amazing Wines
With the large amount of quality wine being produced in California, wine lovers in Hong Kong can sometimes feel overwhelmed. The wine experts at Prime Cellar are eager to share the amazing wines they have found all over California. After carefully curating the top California labels, Prime Cellar offers only the best wines at the best value for Hong Kong’s connoisseurs. Many of the wines on offer are considered cult wines, the rarest and most coveted California wines.
Wines from Other Parts of the World
Although its focus is on California wines, Prime Cellar is pleased to introduce its members to delicious wines from other parts of the world upon request. From Burgundies to Bordeaux, from Barolos to Chiantis, all are within reach. Membership with Prime Cellar affords touring and tasting the finest wines from California and beyond without having to leave Hong Kong.

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